Camera RENTALS: What you need to know

Access To AC Power Required


Access to AC power is required near where the video recorder is located, and  ideally near where each camera will be located. Solar powered solutions are available but are much more expensive...

Low Cost Residential Camera Rentals

Security camera rentals are now cheaper than a traditional home alarm system - While's they now provide all the same features. Plus recorded footage, automated notification LiVE visibility. 

We now offer top spec IP camera packages for as low as $1 a day (+gst)

Installed by a professional security tech  at your home.

  • Indoor & outdoor cameras avail
  • Online Event cloud recording  for 24hr, 
  • Alert notification app on your phone. (android or I-phone) 
  • Onsite setup and help to get you going

All you pay: 

a Small bond (2months),  

a Small Installation & setup, 

+ 1 month in advance

Internet access required with WIFI


Wireless cameras are not necessarily better.  However a local WIFI  LAN may be easier /cheaper for installation.. 

A Full Home Broadband Internet connection, should be available with a free port on your router available. (we can add more if required but is not included in base package )

Your Internet connection speed will dictate the bandwidth available for video playback

 the internet via fiber or DSL (note 3G and 4G cellular NAKED 

broadband may require testing) .

Residential Cameras


We will install & Setup a  Top of the line ..IP Camera 30meg Pixel or better (Internet connected camera) your home - setup the recording and alarm features and configure the system for remote access and alert notification to your I-phone or Android phone 

Indoor or Outdoor Camera with 30m Infrared night and thermal vision. It's yours to own after 10months.

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Rural Cameras



We can cover your external sheds and entrance ways

We will soon be launching a 4g wire less remote solar powered camera... 

 tell us what you need n where ?